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  1. Oxford Dictionaries: [174743 words, 9Mar2014, More info]
  2. LITTLE EXPLORERS(TM) Picture Dictionary: [516 words, 19Nov2009, More info]
  3. BEILSTEIN Dictionary (Chemistry): [3455 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  4. Multi-Lingual Dictionary: [175063 words, 12Aug2002, More info]
  5. Technical and Popular Medical Terms: [18883 words, 6Jul2009, More info]
  6. Mennonite Low German Dictionary: [24658 words, 6Jul2009, More info]
  7. Language Dictionaries of Computing Terms: [412 words, 18Jun2009, More info]
  8. 18 LANGUAGES MULTILINGUAL DICTIONARY: [9103 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  9. A German-to-English dictionary for algebra students: [1377 words, 31Jan2010, More info]
  10. Abkürzungen der deutschen Rechtssprache: [1175 words, 9Sep2006, More info]
  11. Asterix Lexicon: [1244 words, 22Jun2009, More info]
  12. Bankfach-Glossar: [110 words, 14Mar2010, More info]
  13. Bibliotheks-Glossar / Library-Glossary: [1588 words, 4Jul2002, More info]
  14. Bryological: [5540 words, 25Sep2008, More info]
  15. Climbing: [359 words, 18Nov2007, More info]
  16. Collins Pocket German Dictionary (English to German): [12535 words, 7Aug2010, More info]
  17. Collins Pocket German Dictionary (German to English): [13258 words, 7Aug2010, More info]
  18. DAS GRÖSSTE DEUTSCHE FACHLEXIKON IM INTERNET: [1209 words, 14Mar2010, More info]
  19. Das Internet-Wörterbuch: [2524 words, 1Jul2006, More info]
  20. Englisch/Deutsch Wörterbuch: [750745 words, 15Mar2006, More info]
  21. Englisch/Deutsch Wörterbuch: [590803 words, 20Jun2009, More info]
  22. Ein einfaches technisches Lexikon, für alle die es benötigen: [180 words, 14Mar2010, More info]
  23. Encyclopedia of Organ Stops: [2623 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  24. Englisch-deutsches Eisenbahn- und technisches Wörterbuch: [504 words, 17Aug2008, More info]
  25. Food Lexicon: [19579 words, 16Feb2010, More info]
  26. Futures and Options Market Terminology: [1173 words, 17Aug2009, More info]
  27. GLIDING GLOSSARY: [1185 words, 25May2008, More info]
  28. Glossary of Global Trade Terms: [3201 words, 26May2006, More info]
  29. Glossary of Translation and Interpreting Terminology: [131 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  30. Glossary of Energy Terms: [1283 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  31. Lexikon der Reisekrankheiten: [63 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  32. Lexikon der Christlichen Moral: [257 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  33. Linguistische Termini: [9758 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  34. Logos Multilingual E-translation Portal: [60678 words, 21Nov2008, More info]
  35. Mathematisches W?rterbuch: [2243 words, 20May2008, More info]
  36. Online Lexikon der textilen Raumausstattung: [5630 words, 23Oct2007, More info]
  37. Online Talking Dictionary: [293864 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  38. PhilLex Lexikon der Philosophie: [1068 words, 26Jul2009, More info]
  39. Railroad and Model Railroading: [420 words, 19Jun2009, More info]
  40. Robb: German English: [160 words, 26Jul2009, More info]
  41. Rudy's List of Archaic Medical Terms: [919 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  42. Schmuck Lexikon: [1877 words, 30May2009, More info]
  43. Technopedia: [2678 words, 4Nov2011, More info]
  44. The Free Dictionary: [49803 words, 18Jan2009, More info]
  45. Tradition/Axone Financial Terminology Database: [3259 words, 3Sep2007, More info]
  46. Urban Conservation Glossary: [1258 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  47. Verletzungen und Erkrankungen bei Sport und Reise: [112 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
  48. Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary: [3435 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  49. WASSER-LEXIKON: [382 words, 14Mar2010, More info]
  50. Washington State Definitions and Abbreviations of Vetrinary Terms: [1525 words, 11Feb2010, More info]
  51. Weathervane (Global Climate Policy): [90 words, 12Nov2006, More info]
  52. WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements: [576 words, 19Dec2009, More info]
  53. Wine Glossary: [399 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  54. Yiddish-Hebrew-English-German-Russian Picture Dictionary: [186 words, 25Mar2006, More info]
  55. [512709 words, 23Dec2007, More info]
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