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Religion dictionaries and glossaries indexed by the OneLook® search engine:

  1. Mennonite Low German Dictionary: [24658 words, 6Jul2009, More info]
  2. Smith's Bible Dictionary: [4637 words, 23Dec2009, More info]
  3. Easton Bible: [3963 words, 20Jul2009, More info]
  4. Catholic Encyclopedia: [3627 words, 20Sep2009, More info]
  5. Irivng Hexham's Concise Dictionary of Religion: [2045 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  6. Basic Terms of Shinto: [1580 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  7. Postmodern Bible Dictionary: [985 words, 17Nov2009, More info]
  8. Glossary of spiritual and religious terms: [893 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  9. Glossary of Biblical English of the Authorised Version of the HOLY BIBLE: [479 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  10. Religious Tolerance: [444 words, 6Jul2009, More info]
  11. Scientology® and Dianetics®: [320 words, 24Dec2009, More info]
  12. Lexikon der Christlichen Moral: [257 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  13. Buddhism Glossary: [256 words, 30May2009, More info]
  14. Islamic Terms and Concepts: [213 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  15. Father Jeromes DICTIONARY of Words/Phrases Used in the QUFD Website: [185 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  16. Buddhist terms: [90 words, 30May2009, More info]
  17. World English Bible Glossary: [90 words, 6Jul2009, More info]
  18. Muttaqun OnLine Islamic Dictionary: [79 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
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