Link to us, or add a dictionary search box to your site

You can link to for any reason you choose and you don't need to ask our permission. Here's how you can help spread the word:

  • Just want to link to us?

    The preferred URL is:

  • Want more direct access to OneLook search results from your browser?

    Just add the following link to your favorites by right-clicking on it and selecting "Add to Favorites". When you access this favorite in the future, it will prompt you for a word to search at OneLook:


    (For even greater convenience, you can also drag it directly into your browser's "Links" toolbar.)

  • Want to put a dictionary search box on your web page?

    Great! Your users will appreciate it. We have some suggested HTML code for you, although you're welcome to redesign it in any way you see fit. First try it here, and then place the HTML code on your page by downloading this code and copying it into your page.

  • Do you run a dictionary site indexed by, or do you favor a particular dictionary?

    Excellent! We have a search box for you that is tuned specifically for your dictionary. To find it,

    • Go to this page and find your dictionary.
    • Click on the "More info" link that appears next to your dictionary.
    • You'll be shown a page that summarizes what we know about your dictionary. Click on the "Add a search box" link underneath this summary to go to a page with a search box tuned specifically for your dictionary. Follow the instructions on this page if you'd like to add it to your site.

  • Do you have a dictionary site that already includes a search feature?

    When a user can't find a word in your dictionary, why not forward the request to You can do that by providing a link like this:
    Just replace "potato" with the desired word. (Make sure to use "+" signs for spaces if it's a phrase.)

    If you run a large dictionary site and would like us to provide a "backlink" so that users can get back to your site more easily after searching through your site, just let us know.